Amber Gemstone Beads History Properties Folklore And Healing Properties

December 27, 2013

The Neolithic stone, Amber, which is basically found in the form of a fossil particularly a tree resin and has been classified under five specific categories on the basis of the chemical components found in quality and quantity. It has been named on the basis of source and constituents, for example amber fossils found in [...]

A Stunning Rainbow Collection Of Glass Beads

November 13, 2013

What an excellent huge glass beads there are to select from. Rainbow colours and much more could be another step in the next beaded creation. Picture all of the possibilities that can occur whenever you’ve got beads in all colours waiting to be utilized in the next layout. The chances are truly endless with a [...]

Nice Beads With Great Quality

October 22, 2013

As jewellery becomes more and more well-known within the markets all over the whole world. Beaded jewellery has also played an important part. As an outcome, beads are numerous within the markets. Beads come from a lot of different kinds in shapes, sizes, materials as well as colours. The substances that are utilized to produce [...]

Glass jewelry

July 31, 2013

No other kind of material jewelry can compare with the beauty of glass jewelry, glass jewelry is handcrafted and they make use of glass technology that make the glass jewelry be delicate and shining. More and more fashion jewelry makers are trending to make full use of glass material into their wonderful work. There are [...]

Collections of Best Glass Beads Jewelry

July 29, 2013

Glass beads jewelry is a group of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings made of various types of beads. You can pick from the broad varieties of colours and styles of beads. There are beads which are easy and more affordable but are actually stunning once it’s created into jewelry. To make jewellery, you may also [...]

Gemstone for your jewelry

June 21, 2013

Gemstone is shining and bright, attractive and gorgeous! It can be used for decorating your costume, making of your jewelry and so on. The young people are tend to like beaded jewelry with light weight and fashion outfit, but gemstone is more suitable for aged ladies of gorgeous and charming appearance. Gemstone has many various [...]

Loose beads for your personal jewelry

May 25, 2013

It is a society that is pursuing personal character, it is a period that always for uniqueness and special things as well as your jewelry, you want to get unique jewelry, you want to be special and you also want to be outstanding among the public. But where the special jewelry comes from? The loose [...]

Loose beads to design the personalized jewelry

February 27, 2013

With the popular of jewelry making ,more and more jewelry makers buy the loose beads to create the personalized jewelry and save time ,money and provide wide ranges of jewelry. Jewelry makers design the jewelry not in one way,so there are many different types of beads and materials provided for you to choose .Loose beads [...]

I love beads

December 9, 2012

Everyone likes jewelry and accessories to decorate herself . The beads that made up of the jewelry and accesdsories are in many shapes.Different people has different favorite beads .For me ,I like some kinds of beads following best. The metal alphabet beads .For the first reason, it is made of metal and can give the [...]

Cloisonne bracelet

November 21, 2012

When I am alone at night to attend a tryst,Birds do not sing, the wind does not blow,Houses on both sides of the street stand silent. Is my own anklets that grow loud at every step and I am ashamed。 When I stood on the balcony and listen for his footsteps, Leaves do not shake, [...]

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